The most customized exterior coating
system in the paint industry

Our patented solution delivers
an on-site factory finish you just can’t get anywhere else.

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How does it work?

We cut out the middleman & go from Formulation to Application.
This allows us to invest in performance, while transferring the savings to you.

Paint Formulation


We formulate a custom-coating for your
specific surface

Some surfaces need flexibility and breathability, while others need heat resistance and hardness. We customize each coating to perform based on a substrate’s unique properties for the best results.

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Paint Adjusting


We adjust the coating to on-site weather conditions

According to some experts, “the perfect time to paint is when the weather has been dry for at least two days and daytime temperatures are between 10C and 25C. Humidity should be low or moderate, and there should be no fog, drizzle, dew or gusty winds.”

Is your head hurting or is it just us? With the help of our proprietary software, The Spray-Network, we customize each coating to real-time weather conditions at the time of application to ensure optimal film formation, end properties and lasting results.

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Exterior Spray Painting on Aluminum Siding


We spray it on smooth

Each coating is strategically optimized for exterior spray application and results in a streak-free, sag free, high-build finish. Atomized at an optimal viscosity and custom thickness, we can achieve an even, smooth and fully levelled finish in just one cost-effective coat.

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Formulation to Application™ for factory-quality results
right at your doorstep


Made-to-Measure Curb-Appeal

Our highly customized approach
focuses on the aesthetics &
practicality needed to boost
your home’s curb appeal.

Only Pay for What You Need

Each coating has one job
& is cost-effectively formulated
with the things it needs to do it.
Why pay for it to
do everything?

No Disconnect

We’re your formulator &
your applicator. No pointing fingers
or passing the buck
when you need something.

"Innovation & technology combined with an amazing team
of workers delivers an outstanding result.
Highly recommend Spray-Net & their novel,
high-tech way of beautifying a home!"


K. Mack

Mississauga, ONT

The steps to Spray-Net your home

Since we formulate the coatings for your revamp ourselves, there’s an extra step in our process.
But, we promise it’s worth the wait!

  • 1
    At-Home Consultation

    Your revamp starts with a free, no-obligations consultation at your home! With the help of the Spray-Network, we'll calculate an exact price for your project. We'll answer all of your exterior painting questions & if the price works for you, you can even pick your colours & schedule your revamp on the spot!

  • 2
    Colour Selection

    During your at-home consultation, we'll show you our wide variety of exterior paint colours. As soon as you pick your colours, we can move on to formulating your made-to-measure coating.

  • 3
    Coating Formulation

    Coating formulation at our in-house paint lab takes about 2 weeks. Not only are we formulating a coating for your specific surface, we're also building your colour selection into the paint. What does that mean, exactly? It means we don't just add pigments to a standard paint base. We balance the resin-to-pigment ratio for each colour, making sure there are enough resins to encapsulate pigments for maximum fade protection.

  • 4
    Revamp Day

    We arrive on-site, unpack our equipment and start masking. When all surfaces have been masked and protected, the spraying starts! Once all surfaces have been sprayed, we remove all masking, thoroughly clean-up and invite you to check out the transformation with us! We only hop back in our truck once you've confirmed you're happy with the results.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which areas do you serve?

    We have Spray-Net locations across the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

    There are a couple of Canadian territories still up for grabs and we’re officially expanding nation-wide into the US, so click here to find out how you can become a Spray-Net partner!

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choose Spray-Net?

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